What makes a Cool Car?

What makes a car cool?

A pretty important question here in Dubai… but we’re not talking about A/C systems this time.

First of all, does the answer really matter? ‘Course not – if you think it does you’re taking yourself too seriously. Putting that aside, it’s a topic that will occupy the meager thoughts of any motorhead for at least a while…

The great thing is everyone can have their own opinion… of course, their opinions might differ from our own, but that just makes it easier to have an interesting debate. At the end  of it, most of us will still stick to our own stubborn opinions, but just might gain an inkling into how are friends think about cars – and maybe even learn a new thing or two!

At JACCK (www.jacckdgas.com), we welcome anyone who has an interest in cool cars, whatever that might be (it also helps if the person is cool – no poseurs please).

For me, I tend to appreciate older cars – but not just any old car – they had to have design integrity to begin with, and preferably, had some interesting engineering and performance characteristics as well. New cars, well, they have to be pretty special to capture my attention – and I tend to lose interest as soon as I see they don’t have a clutch pedal.

But that’s just me, what about you?